WGS 8th Grade Basketball Recognition






8th Grade Basketball Recognition

Dominick Akers - Son of: Tawny Akers & Todd Keortge and the late Joe Akers

Cole Boudreau - Son of: Cheryl Naughton and the late Harry Boudreau

Brandon Edgin - Son of: Amanda Edgin

Wyatt Greathouse - Son of: Chester & Niki Greathouse

Daylan Haley - Son of: Arlene Stanley

Xavier Matchem - Son of: Lynn and Damaris Matchem

Owen Lynch - Son of: Matthew & Cassie Lynch

Zeke Taylor - Son of: Todd and Gretchen Taylor

Jacob Tennis - Son of: Crystal Churchill

Xander Wilkerson - Son of: Brittany Wilkerson & King Layne

Manager Jimmy Downs - Son of: James and Lori Downs


We would like to thank these fine student athletes for all their hard work and dedication they have given WSG. Best of luck next year as you become Edwards County Lions!